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Scissors-n-Suds offers a personalized approach to dog grooming. We have a state-of-the art facility and continually update our techniques through training and education.

We take extra care with geriatric dogs and those special cases where the pet may not be comfortable with the grooming process. All dogs are treated and cared for with their specific needs in mind. Please let us know about any conditions your pet has or any special concerns you have.
Pet care consultation
Nail clipping and grinding
HydroSurge massage therapy baths
Medicated baths
Flea baths
Potty breaks, water time and treats
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Trims and haircuts
(including breed patterns)
Ear cleaning and deodorizing
Fluff drying and/or hand drying
Anal gland expression

Retail Store & Fundraisers

If you need something special for your dog, check out our retail area. We sell dog beds, toys, leashes, collars, sweaters, shampoo, dog-themed greeting cards and more. We offer gift certificates, and we work with area shelters to provide grooming services and host fundraisers.

Your dog’s health

We will do our best to notify you of any potential medical problems that might require an appointment with your veterinarian. During one grooming visit, we found an unusual spot on a dog’s paw buried deep in its fur. It turned out to be cancer but because it was caught early, the dog made a full recovery. In another case, a client’s geriatric dog got medication it needed to live more comfortably after we recommended a vet visit.
Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and are not diagnosing any possible issues. If we bring anything to your attention, please contact your vet for further evaluation.


Your Appointments

We help you make and remember your grooming visits. We provide you with a yearly schedule of appointments, plus sticker reminders and either a phone call, email or text the night before. The advanced scheduling ensures you have an appointment during those hectic times. An appointment can always be rescheduled or canceled when needed.


We look forward to meeting you and your furry family!

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