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Scissors n' Suds Blog


Posted on 7/12/2013 by Helen Rubino in ceasar milan pet grooming scissors n suds cesar milan dog adoption adopting a dog shelter dog animal adoption tips dog energy dog breed

When selecting a new dog, the most important thing is matching the dog's energy with your own. Read more tips from Cesar Milan's website.

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Dog Walk Etiquette: What NOT To Do

Posted on 7/10/2013 by Helen Rubino

Here is Part Two of yesterday's Blog. This time on tips you SHOULD NOT do while walking your dog :)

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Dog Walk Etiquette: WHAT TO DO

Posted on 7/9/2013 by Helen Rubino in ceasar milan scissors n suds dog groomer dog walk dog walking dog canine dog training how to walk your dog

Some great tips from Ceasar Milan on what to DO when walking your dog! :)

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